... curated to enhance any living space.

HERITAGE | Collection
NATURE | Collection

HERITAGE | Collection

Unveiling luxury | Where Ancient Irish wood meets timeless elegance.

Experience the craftmanship and captivating grandeur that defines our prestigious collection .


Spalted Beech

& Copper

€ 1,950


Irish Yew


€ 1,250


Irish Bog Oak 'Eagle"

€ 1,895

NATURE | Collection

Experience modern elegance where traditional Irish woodcraft meets sleek design. Each piece embodies the seamless fusion of timeless craftmanship and contemporary aesthetics, curated to enhance any living space.

SECRET GARDEN | Tranquility of a hidden garden ...


Round Coffee Table with Flush Inset Secret Garden Moss Feature |

Bring the outdoors in with our round coffee table from the "Nature Collection" This piece, adorned with an enchanting flush inset secret garden moss feature, seamlessly merges nature with design. Topped with glass and supported by elegant copper legs, it's a unique and functional masterpiece that invites the tranquility of a hidden garden into your living space.

Made in Ireland with:

Irish Spalted Beech,

Copper Legs

4mm Glass Top

Irish Moss | Sustainably sourced

€ 775

DAWN FOREST | Illumination creates calm ...


Round Coffee Table with Exposed Moss and Stone Garden, Underlit with LED light |

Experience the serenity of nature in your home with our round coffee table. This captivating piece showcases an exposed moss and stone garden, delicately underlit with LED lights. The interplay of organic elements and soft illumination creates a calming ambiance, making it not just a table but a living centerpiece that connects your space with the beauty of the natural world.

Made in Ireland with:

Irish Spalted Beech,

Sleek Black wood legs

LED light | Battery

Irish Moss | Sustainably sourced

€ 835

FLOATING PEAK | Elevate your living space ...


Floating Coffee Table with Moss Garden and Stone Peak Base |

Elevate your living space with our floating rectangle coffee table. Featuring a lush moss garden and wood, topped with glass for a harmonious blend of nature and modern design. This unique table appears to float, supported by a large stone peak serving as its base, with stone artfully embedded through the glass top. It's a stunning conversation piece that brings the tranquility of nature into your home.

Made in Ireland with:

Irish Spalted Beech,

Stone Peak Base

6mm Custom Glass Top

Irish Moss | Sustainably sourced

€ 1,425